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8 Weddings and a Miracle is a compilation of previously printed stories, including my own Rose in Bloom from The Bouquet
Includes stories by these wonderful authors: Tracie Peterson, Lena Nelson Dooley, Nancy J. Farrier, Loree Lough, Pamela Griffin, Janet Lee Barton, Gail Sattler, Diann Hunt, and me - Sandra Petit

You can find it after 3/1/2015 or preorder at:
Christian Book Distributors
Barnes & Noble

Angels for Christmas
Angel on the Doorstep
by Sandra Petit
An Angel for Everyone by Gail Sattler
Strawberry Christmas
by Pamela Griffin
Angel Charm by Tamela Hancock Murray

Crafty little angels put their charm into four holiday romances

In the presence of angels, will these hearts accept God's message of love
and open to each other?

In hardcover and softcover.



A Time for Angels
Angel on the Doorstep by Sandra Petit
An Angel for Everyone by Gail Sattler
September 2005
ISBN: 1-59310-792-7

Special angels stir up love in the hearts of two couples at Christmastime.

A Time For Angels was the #1 Bestseller at Christian Book Distributors in their fiction category for the month of November, 2005.

The Bouquet
Rose in Bloom
by Sandra "Sandie" Petit
Flowers by Felicity by Janet Lee Barton
Petals of Promise by Diann Hunt

Flowers for a Friend by Gail Sattler

CBA Bestseller! 4 1/2 stars in Romantic Times magazine in June 2004!

Pieces of a broken wedding bouquet ignite four romances

Can God use fragmented flowers to plant seed of love in fallow hearts?
Can He created a bouquet of love from the chaos in these four lives?


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